Connection between people and society

Blessed with rich nature and four seasons, craftsmen in each field are particular about quality,
Japan, with its unique culture, has many things to boast about to the world.
As a digital platformer, we want to
We provide the best products and services to the world.
We offer the world the best of what Japan has to offer.



Renewal of the homepage to a multilingual site (by “Saitama Prefecture Overseas EC Utilization Support Project Subsidy”).


In 2023, we also introduced our products at Alibaba JAPAN EXPO 2023 via live streaming.
Foods such as tea, soups and soup stock, and traditional crafts are brought to you by the navigator duo of Chika & Tono.
Delivered on 2023.2.21 and 2023.2.22.


Developing products using materials that are gentle on the body! New Shop ” Beenen ” opened!
Be Natural, Be yourself We will propose natural and healthy products and lifestyles.


Pot-chan ” Japanese Vegetable Soup – Vegetable Soup ” on sale


We sell our products domestically and internationally.
We handle a wide range of products, from traditional crafts to household goods and food.


We post information and product introductions that are useful to society on YouTube and other media.
Please look.

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