Air purifier Salir

No filter

– Polastan Co., Ltd. is an authorized distributor of Salir.

Air pollution is invisible. Salir provides healthy air quality.
Pollen, air pollution such as PM2.5, influenza… viruses, etc…
As a preventive measure, air purifiers have become indispensable items these days.

Sareel adsorbs and decomposes floating pollen, dead mites, viruses, and other harmful particles.
It also collects and eliminates dust particles down to 0.001 microns from geography, cigarette smoke, and other smoke floating in the room, as well as pollen and harmful particulate matter considered allergens.


Salir does not have a filter like those found in typical air purifiers.
Instead, pipe electrodes provide powerful dust collection performance.
Moreover, it is not disposable like a filter, but can be washed and used over and over again, and the titanium oxide material does not corrode.
Sariel is also classified as a “medical substance generator” because of its special mechanism that molecularly modifies the air itself with corona silent discharge using an ultra-high pressure unit, a large amount of negative ions, and a small amount of ozone, without using a motor, fan, or filter, and has been adopted by many medical institutions, including hospitals. The system is also used in many hospitals and other medical institutions.

They are also attracting attention for their sterilizing and deodorizing effects, bacteria and virus control, and also for their ease of use, being maintenance free for several years after purchase.

Video demonstrating the deodorizing effect of Sareel

Selling price: Excluding tax / Shipping fee
Model KO-206 (black, brown)
118,000 yen Fixed

Model KO-108S
140,000 Ceiling/wall mount type

Model KO-208 (black, brown)
148,000 yen Fixed

Model KO-108W
158,000 yen Dual-use (stationary and wall-mounted)

Model KO-1016
270,000 yen Ceiling/wall mount type

<How to buy
Please call us to make an application.
Please transfer the amount including sales tax and shipping costs to the designated account.
After confirming the payment, we will send you a sarir.

Locations where the “Salir” air purifier is employed

(1) In public facilities, there are many installations in government and municipal offices, hospitals, kindergartens and nursery schools, and nursing care facilities. They are adopted in places where many people gather.

(2) At the hospital, they are utilized in the tuberculosis ward, operating rooms, treatment rooms, and waiting rooms. They are employed for the purpose of infection prevention and hygiene control.

(iii) Police stations, fire stations, and Self-Defense Forces garrisons have adopted it as an odor countermeasure in their locker rooms.

(4) In private facilities, it is used in department store kitchens, hotel rooms, pet stores, large spa facilities, smoking areas, and garbage disposal areas in condominiums.

Features of the “Salir” air purifier

Salire is used in infectious disease wards because it generates trace amounts of ozone and trace ions to inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses. It also suppresses the generation of odors. Please watch the experimental movie and try the demo machine to see for yourself.

(2) It has no motors, fans, or other driving parts, requires no filters, and is maintenance-free. It can continue to be used without maintenance for almost several years. There have been almost no cases of breakdowns so far.

(3) Maintenance is simply washing the carbon attached to the electrodes with water.

(4) Power consumption is less than 6 W, making it very economical.

(5) The main unit is not stationary, but compact and lightweight. It can be moved and used anywhere where a power source is available.